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The pictures are in gallery style so it may take a while for the pictures to load when you click on them.

There is a Title and a little description of each piece. They are in order from earliest to most recent.

This is a respectful place to view my art so please don’t steal my pictures and post them somewhere else without my permision.

Any questions, just leave a comment/reply


That means that any piece of my artwork that you click on and view will most likely be availabe as a print (a ink printed copy of the original piece, to frame, etc)

If you are interested in buying ANY prints of my work you can comment/reply here on the site, or send me an email at

PS: Prints are always MUCH cheaper than original artwork.

What I plan on using this for…

This blog will be used to post photos of my artwork. That is the emphasis. Anyone is encouraged to come here and enjoy! I will probably  put a little comment or descprition for each post/piece. All my current work should be seen on here. I own all rights to these pieces and photos so they belong here and only here, hence the watermark.

If anyone is interested in buying a piece comment or email me at: If you want a print of one of my pieces that can be arranged too :

I will say if a piece is for sale or not on the picture post. Any print will be available for buying. Not sure about prices yet…

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